Sales Training

Years of experience in sales training and management I can offer you and your interaction with customers whether it be in sales or service. Every interaction with a customer is incredibly important and my goal is to help you see every opportunity that presents itself during every interaction.

Business Consulting

There is a stark reality that people get in to business because they have a talent that exceeds the talent, or delivery, of their competitors. Turning that talent into a printable business is the hard part. With a high failure rate for new businesses, it is clear that talent alone, does not provide the necessary tools to be successful. It is my goal to assist talented people in their pursuit to become Great business people. Your talent matched with business sense are the necessary components needed to create your success, and I can help you get there.
For my entire life my family has owned our own business. I have experienced what it takes to run a business, have worked for corporations, and have run my own business. It is exciting to see what kind of opportunities are available to you when you run your own business, and I intend to help clients maximize those opportunities.


We believe that a healthy life is a good life, and we want to help you achieve your own health goals. We focus primarily on quality food that can help sustain a higher quality of life. Organics, whole foods, vegan diets, vegetarian diets, protein diets, allergen-sensitive diets, anything that is necessary for you to lead a more healthy life. We cannot only hope you find good food, but help you to prepare it in a way that is exciting, fresh, and fun.


Music is a universal language of all emotions. As performers and writers, both Jeanette and I share an inherent love of music that is ongoing and insatiable. We teach voice lessons, performance coaching, and music production. We not only want to teach people, but also provide them with positive uplifting quality music that we produce.


The art of pictures is something that I both love and take very seriously. I make sure that I capture beauty with care so that I can accurately represent the subject on visual, emotional, and artistic levels. This holds true if the subject is a landscape, a person, or an object, even a coin! I believe that most businesses struggle in marketing their brand often because they cannot capture the essence of their business or products in a pictorial way that others would enjoy. It would be my goal to provide professional photography for businesses, products, and people so that they can represent themselves fully in their desired media.